Some very awesome news has come my way the last couple days. The most awesome news I have to share on this site is hearing back from staff at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. They surprised me with an offer for me to host video game events over the weekend.
Well, I jumped at the chance, because I absolutely loved the PRGE when I went there a few years back. The offer to be a part of such an awesome event is like a dream come true. I hope I can bring something great to their expo and they enjoy the work I do. I'm used to rather small-time events, where we don't get much more than 50 entrants. This is part of a much larger event and I hope I'll have all the equipment and staff to take care of everything.
Can't say I'm not concerned if I'm out of my league here, but I have been hosting events for years now and have handled some pretty major issues in stride, so I am ready to jump right into this and see how I can handle all the work thrown at me. Should be awesome!


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