Comin' right at you is the 2nd to last Smash tournament of the summer season. R3V0LUTION #7 - Reflex!
This is happening on Saturday, August 31st at the Shoryuken League, signups at noon. Same deal as the last 6. This one will be a qualifier, so a nice big event for all those wanting to play some of the best players around!

<========== For more information, check out the tournament page clicking on the picture link on the left.

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The most recent R3V0LUTION gaming event hit off with a good reception. I'd like to thank all the people coming to the event and checking out the gaming scene. We had many local people stopping by to give it their best shot in some Super Smash Bros. competition, a couple out of town players from the Ashland area, and even one player haling all the way from  Kentucky who went out of his way in this part of the country just to play in the tournament. How hype is that?
Special shoutouts to the new faces: Megi, Oh ryl?, Yah rly, Spoon, Chantrasia, and so many more you'll have to excuse my memory on names, but a very big thank you to each and every one of you for showing up.

I talked about setting up a time where we could get together, practice for upcoming events, and just hang out as gamer geeks and enjoy each others' company. This would be awesome to start up soon, and I am thinking maybe on a sunday or another slow day at the League. Maybe I can get some kind of discount or something for a group of people to come in - it'd definitely bolster their business.

If you are a new player, please take the time to write a comment and let me know where you heard about the event and what you thought about it. This kind of attendee feedback is great to have.
Hope to see you all back next month - practice up!
Here it is, the next Super Smash Bros. tournament:

R3V0#6 - Redux
    Saturday, July 27th
    Signups at noon
@ Shoryuken League
881 Willamette St., Eugene, Oregon

I've been learning (or re-learning) HTML and CSS lately and just started getting into Jquery, so I definitely needed something somewhere to practice on. Since I found this site I've decided to make a webpage for my Event Organization business (I focus on hosting video game tournaments, way cool, huh!?). And next thing I know, I've got this way awesome site.

This has been fun doing web design again, I'm going to keep on this and see where it takes me. I'll probably end up doing more web design work when people see this and say "Oh eM GEE, way cool site, can you make me one?" And I'll be like: "Shya, just give me a bizillion dollah and you got it, buddy!"

So, I guess I should take a moment to actually post something about what work I've done recently.
I started the R3V0LUTION Tournament Series this year, the Spring Season ended in May and we started the Summer Series last month at the end of June. In just a couple days time "R3V0 # 6 - Reboot" will be coming right back at ya, Saturday July 27th, noon at the Shoryuken League (check the Events tab). Tell yer friends, k?

It's been many weeks of long nights hosting weekly events at the League, but it's all worth it when people come in, play the game and love the events. I hope tons of people show up and have a great time.

So, grab your controllers and head over to Eugene's premier gaming lounge.
See ya there!