We had two fantastic days of gaming revel up in Portland. The weather outside was nice and warm for an October weekend, and as much as I would have loved to have had some outdoor fun, the gaming extravaganza of the PRGE beckoned.
The expansive area of the Portland Convention Center encompassed a multitude of vendors, a freeplay "Megacade", rows of pinball, a dining area, a DJ and dance area, and the Freeplay Console Zone which is where I worked my magic.
Saturday was the first day of the event and I had never handled anything this large before (3,000 attendees the year before), but I was only dealing with those who wanted to compete in the console gaming events, not the Arcade event (Super Puzzle Fighter), not the pinball tournament, and not the Tetris World Championship event... which was being run right in front of my area.
The staff of volunteers they had there were very nice and helpful people. I've been accustomed to people knowing what to do, but not doing things. This time around the staff didn't seem familiar with what to do but were very interested in helping out. There really wasn't much work for me to do since all I had to do was ask someone and they'd get it done, but it seemed so awkward not doing everything myself, definitely not used to that kind of work, haha.

Saturday was also the largest and busiest day of the weekend. The Super Mario Kart event had almost 50 people enter the event. After a couple rounds of initial racing it was obvious we had quite a contender for first place. Matthew ended up going to grand finals against Ryan and won the final set 3 - 0. A fine kart racer indeed.
For the top 4 players' services of putting on a great show we awarded them with these prizes:

Coming soon:
SSBM recap
More on Sunday's events!

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