I've been learning (or re-learning) HTML and CSS lately and just started getting into Jquery, so I definitely needed something somewhere to practice on. Since I found this site I've decided to make a webpage for my Event Organization business (I focus on hosting video game tournaments, way cool, huh!?). And next thing I know, I've got this way awesome site.

This has been fun doing web design again, I'm going to keep on this and see where it takes me. I'll probably end up doing more web design work when people see this and say "Oh eM GEE, way cool site, can you make me one?" And I'll be like: "Shya, just give me a bizillion dollah and you got it, buddy!"

So, I guess I should take a moment to actually post something about what work I've done recently.
I started the R3V0LUTION Tournament Series this year, the Spring Season ended in May and we started the Summer Series last month at the end of June. In just a couple days time "R3V0 # 6 - Reboot" will be coming right back at ya, Saturday July 27th, noon at the Shoryuken League (check the Events tab). Tell yer friends, k?

It's been many weeks of long nights hosting weekly events at the League, but it's all worth it when people come in, play the game and love the events. I hope tons of people show up and have a great time.

So, grab your controllers and head over to Eugene's premier gaming lounge.
See ya there!

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